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Cryptographic architectures embedded in logic devices

Important dates

General information

The main topic of this fourteenth workshop concerns security aspects of the use of modern logic devices in cryptography. Discussion about cryptographic functions embedded in future logic devices will constitute a very important part of the workshop.

Aims of the workshop

  1. Exchange of the most recent information about research activities of participants
  2. Discussion of problems concerning embedding of cryptographic functions in modern logic devices
    • control and security aspects
    • architectural aspects
    • protocol-related aspects
    • key generation and key management aspects
    • attacks against implementations and countermeasures against attacks
  3. Proposal for the structure of the future logic devices aimed at cryptographic applications
  4. Discussion of problems concerning development of and secure embedded cryptographic systems based on future logic devices
  5. Educational issues concerning cryptographic systems engineering
    • courses and their program
    • educational software and hardware
    • labs and course projects

Submissions of talks / presentations

Talks and presentations (title and abstract) can be submitted directly only by CryptArchi club members. Nonmembers can propose talks only if the talk is recommended by a club member (link to the list of club members). This club member will guarantee a good scientific level of the talk.

Selection of talks / presentations

The most interesting talks (up to 20) will be selected as invited talks.

Participation in workshop

Anyone can attend the workshop (members or nonmembers) - see Registration instructions on the main web page menu. Attention, the number of participants will be limited to about 50 (including speakers).

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